Smirnoff cocktails US market

The Savannah Tea, Pomegranate Martini and Tuscan Lemonade line extensions for US Smirnoff cocktails were designed to evoke a sense of place. Unique vignette-style cityscape illustrations were crafted with nuanced details, simplified to print in a single color and to read clearly at a reduced size.


Illustration / Packaging Design / Art Direction

Adaptation for European market

In order to translate ready-to-pour cocktails made with Smirnoff vodka into the European market, a new structure was developed to telegraph ‘cocktails’, and differentiate from the many flavored malt beverages in 70cl bottles. With a satin silver shrink wrap and embossed silver closure, the bottle took on the appearance of a martini shaker, with a clear window at the base of the bottle to show actual liquid color.

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