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Tara Lubonovich Studio
Tara Lubonovich Portrait by Josh Wool
Photograph by Josh Wool

Tara Lubonovich

Creative Director & Founder

Tara is a unique hybrid of artist and strategic designer. She spent her formative years learning classical methods of painting and drawing, and carried those skills with her into the world of brand design. Tara's strength lies in understanding how to translate business objectives into effective design solutions, all the while focusing on the importance of storytelling to create brands people want to own.

After receiving her BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design, she worked for Landor Associates, Spring Design Partners and went on to global design leadership at Brown-Forman before becoming independent. Her work has received awards from Communication Arts, Pentawards, and AdFed, and has been produced in markets around the world.

New York     |     Oslo
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