Raimat wine redesign

Recognized as a premier Spanish wine, Raimat champions innovation, sustainability and precision agriculture. The brand boasts a rich heritage in the Costers del Segre region, dating back to 1910. The key business objective was to make Raimat more relevant and impactful in the highly saturated North American market by developing a distinct, impactful and ownable visual character for the brand.

Raimat wine sustainable  icon design
Raimat Wine redesign before and after

For over 100 years since the vineyard was founded, sustainable agriculture has been at the heart of the company mission and continues to be a guide into the future. Raimat is hoping to achieve 100% organic production this decade. The identity needed to reflect both history and modernity, a sense of heritage with a spark of innovation. The solution was to create a visual metaphor for the past, present and future with three different, overlapping letterforms.

Raimat Wine bottle design
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