Havana Club Rum bottle design, label details

The Real Havana Club

Bacardi acquired the trademark for the legendary Havana Club Rum in the USA years ago, but hadn't cracked the code to convey the true spirit of the brand. The redesign needed to clearly communicate the heritage, authenticity and quality of the original rum created by José Arechabala, the founder of Havana Club Rum, as well as the new provenance; Puerto Rico. Launched by Bacardi for the US market in 2016.


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Havana club rum, before and after designed by Tara Lubonovich
Advertising circa 1940s

The soul of the brand

The design solution was found by looking to the DNA – the soul of the brand via the visual archives. The early packaging from the 1930's (shown here) provided the inspiration for the redesign. The Arechabala family seal had been used as the trademark and the central icon of the label. This symbol was redrawn and put back in its rightful place as the heroic focal point of the new packaging.

Label circa 1940s
Havana Club Puerto RIcan Rum label detail

The details tell the story

From the central family seal to the custom typography and etched iconography, every aspect of the design was carefully crafted to convey the authentic spirit and quality of the legendary, original product. The typography was hand-lettered, and each small decorative detail was etched to illustrate the passion, pride and care that go into making the real Havana Club Rum.

Havana Club Rum decorative label elements,  icon design
Havana Club Rum decorative label elements,  typography design
Havana Club Rum decorative label elements,  icon design
Havana club rum designed by Tara LubonovichHavana Club shipping container design
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