Born at the Fork of Two Rivers

Inspired by a special place in the Cascade Range where two rivers meet. Fraser & Thompson North American Whiskey is a special creation inspired by the story of Michael Bublé.  The brand identity and label design was carefully crafted to showcase MB’s approachable, luxurious style. Launched in Autumn 2023.


Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design
Typography Design
Iconography Design
Brand Story & Copywriting

Fraser & Thompson Label Artwork
Map of the Cascade Range, Vancouver

A tailored identity

The identity was crafted with the intent of highlighting a special place where Michael went fishing with his grandfather. The brackish Fraser River meets the clear Thompson River, and for a small stretch before they blend you see them flow side by side.

A personal story

At every touchpoint the details of Michael Bublé’s story were infused into the label. From the namesake point where the rivers meet to hidden discoveries on the map, the brand incorporates MB’s character.

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