Early Times Whisky logo, custom type design

The Early Times

When Jack Beam broke away from his family distillery to start his own in 1860, he believed the best whisky was made in a special way; in “the early times method... mashing grain in small tubs, boiling the beer and whisky in copper stills over open fires”. Over the last 152 years, the Early Times brand underwent multiple revolutionary visual transformations and shifted away from it’s core story: a portrayal of the once-ideal American way of life.


Brand Identity Design
Typography Design
Packaging Design

Early times Whisky bottle designEarly Times Whisky logo, custom type design, label detail

The archives were referenced to uncover historical details of packaging, reinvigorating the brand with authentic character from the founding era. The objective of this redesign was to bring the brand back to its glory days by telegraphically communicating its personality through the design; authentic, real, approachable, grounded, industrious, and unmistakably American-crafted.

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