Redesigning a wine with a purpose

Chateau La Paws™ is an easy drinking California Wine that combines the company's love of dogs with delightful wines. The mission of the brand is to have wine lovers join in the support of dogs in need, helping them find permanent chateaus of their own. Through a national partnership, Chateau La Paws™ proudly supports the North Shore Animal League America (NSALA), the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue shelter and adoption organization. Since it’s inception in 1944, NSALA has placed over 1MM animals in happy homes. Launched by Diageo North America 2015.


Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design
Typography Design
Iconography Design
Application Design
Art Direction

Chateau La Paws Logo design
Chateau La Paws Wine redesign before and after
Chateau La Paws Bottle design lineup

Working closely with the North Shore Animal League America, we photographed shelter dogs that were up for adoption to feature on the labels. The dogs were displayed as the heroic element of packaging. Careful art direction of the photography was crucial to capture the right expression for each pup and maintain the balanced composition of the labels.

Chateau La Paws iconChateau La Paws brand identity design, pattern design

Comprehensive visual language

A full visual language was created including secondary logos, iconography, patterns, colors, font selections and accents. In order to maintain a cohesive brand impression, merchandising, displays, secondary ship cases and outdoor advertising were all developed in the studio. We also provided art direction and design consultation services for the website and social media.

social media design, Chateau La Paws
Chateau La Paws brand identity design, outdoor advertising, billboard, dog photographyChateau La Paws Wine bottle shipper design
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