Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum bottle design

Global redesign

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum has a cult-like following within its consumer base. Understanding the consumer, the brand and the legend of the man behind it was key to the success of the global brand redesign. The main objective was to increase quality, authenticity and heritage cues without losing the lovably rogue nature of the brand.


Design Strategy
Identity Design
Typography Design
Packaging Design
Brand Architecture
Point of Sale

Brand History

John Steinbeck’s ‘Cup of Gold’ written in 1929 about the life and times of the real Captain Morgan, is said to have inspired Seagram’s CEO Sam Bronfman to create the brand in 1944.

Updating an icon

Captain Morgan Rum redesign,  before and after. new illustration by Greg Manchess

The Captain’s image was updated from a cartoon to a realistic portrait; rightfully representing him as a credible, authentic character from history.

Captain Morgan Rum bottle redesign, before and after

Global variant redesign

Captain Morgan Rum bottle redesign for global markets. bottle lineup
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum typography design
Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum typography design
Captain Morgan Black Jamaica Rum typography design
Captain Morgan 100 Proof Spiced Rum typography design

Original Spiced Rum was the first in the long line of global variants to be effected by the redesign. Custom typography was created for each product: it was imperative to translate the craft, heritage and accessible masculinity that the Captain Morgan brand is known for. A full merchandising and outdoor advertising campaign for North American markets followed.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum advertising design
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