Cayman’s first craft brewery

Named for the precise geographic coordinates of the Cayman Islands, 19-81 Brewing Company was created to make craft brews tailored to the island lifestyle. The founders wanted to convey a brand story with a sense of timelessness and credibility.


New Brand Creation
Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design
Application Design

The “Catboat”

The graphic identity was created with a nautical theme based on the history of the Cayman Islands, using the iconic catboat as its central focus. The catboat is a colorful reminder of Cayman’s seafaring past. For generations, the indigenous people of the islands relied on these small vessels for survival, and many are still in use today.

Drink local, think global

As the 19-81 Brewing Company continues to expand its reach and develop more brew styles, the local community has embraced the brand. Check out their journey on instagram.

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