19-81 Brewing Co. Beer design

Cayman’s first craft brewery

Named for the precise geographic coordinates of the Cayman Islands, 19-81 Brewing Company was created to make craft brews tailored to the island lifestyle. The founders wanted to convey a brand story with a sense of timelessness and credibility.


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19-81 Brewing Co. Label design
19-81 Brewing Co. Label design
19-81 Brewing Co. Label design

The “Catboat”

The graphic identity was created with a nautical theme based on the history of the Cayman Islands, using the iconic catboat as its central focus. The catboat is a colorful reminder of Cayman’s seafaring past. For generations, the indigenous people of the islands relied on these small vessels for survival, and many are still in use today.

19-81 Brewing Co. Catboat Icon
19-81 Brewing Co. bottle design

Drink local, think global

As the 19-81 Brewing Company continues to expand its reach and develop more brew styles, the local community has embraced the brand. Check out their journey on instagram.

19-81 Brewing Co. icon design
19-81 Brewing Co. icon design
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